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Crowd funding could replace the old economy as we know it, if we were only smart enough to cooperate together. The only rationale for the existence of the stock market is that it connects investors to entrepreneurs.  Traditional funding helps some people to find funding for projects that they could never fund themselves, and it gives investors a chance to win alongside the corporation they're helping out. The problem with the traditional way of funding is the high level of personal removal between the investor and investee.  

In the stock market, investors have little conception of what they're actually buying and selling - remember the crash of 2008?  A Traders only focus is which stock will make you money, and that is literally the only goal.  A profit only focus is a systemic incentive for bad business and a bad environment. Crowd funding creates a new approach for everyday people to participate in supporting ideas they think are good. This type of support is counter to the cut throats who will do anything to win.

Yes, Crowd funding right now offers very little in the way of accountability, but the concept is beautiful. People can connect investors to people needing investment instantly, for free, across the world.  People need to eat, pigs need to be raised, food needs to be processed but it can be done in a way that is local, good for animals, people and the environment. Sustainable Roasting Man Pulled Pork is a project that stands to seriously benefit pigs of the right kind.

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