Roasting Man

Roasting Man will develop a Roasting Man branded kiosks, which is
something like a hot dog vending cart but selling Roasting Man pulled
pork sandwiches. The plan of the company is to manufacture portions of
pulled pork in vacuum sealed, nitrogen treated packaging to ensure
fresh taste and longer shelf life. Pulled pork production utilizes
most of the pig but at Roasting Man most is not good enough, so; we
use the whole animal and parts not used for our Double Maple Smoked
Pulled Pork are used to make our Boston Butt Ball Doggie treats. Using
the whole animal is an environmentally responsible approach to hog
management. Roasting Man supports eco-friendly pork production and
would like to purchase or partner with a farmer to build a sustainable
hog production facility that integrates with greenhouses for growing
tomatoes and ingredients for our pulled pork sauce right above the hog
pens and utilizing the hog waste and capturing the C02. The production
from this future facility will supply Roasting Man Pulled Pork
sandwich vending kiosks,so; the more kiosks and sandwich buying
commitment from the universe helps us get closer to our goal. The
development of sustainable animal friendly pig barns will require lots
of crowd funding support, get the t-shirt and place an order for some
of our future production. The more people that commit to buying and
placing Roasting Man kiosks in their towns the closer we get to
building our happy pork house. We estimate that a good kiosk should
sell about $400,000 in sandwiches a season and should be able to earn
the owner operator about $80,000 a year or more... talk to us some
more on Facebook...